Permitted Development Rights

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On the 12th March the housing minister announced further changes to the Permitted Development Rights (PDR) that affect farmers.


Under the current Part Q regulations the conversion of agricultural buildings to residential is limited to a maximum of 3 units and a cumulative total of 465sqm. From 6 April 2018 this will be relaxed to allow up to 5 units to be built. There can be no more than 3 larger homes, as under the old rules, with any additional properties being no larger than 100 sqm.


Permitted Development Rights for new agricultural buildings are currently limited to 465sqm every 2 years. This limit will be increased to 1000sqm. Note that if you use PDR for new buildings then you cannot take advantage of the conversion rights anywhere on the holding for 10 years.


There will be increased flexibility to build a new residential unit where it is required to facilitate retirement.


A temporary PDR to convert buildings used for storage and distribution into new homes was due to expire in June 2018 but has now been extended for 1 year.


These rights can add considerable value to a farm and allow the release of cash for other ventures. The interaction between the rights is important and careful consideration should be given to whether an application should be made for formal planning permission rather than using PDR.


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