North Essex Development

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When the developer comes knocking The hiatus in Local Plan preparation across the north Essex district councils has caused an outbreak of speculative approaches from promoters and developers. The Planning Inspectors’ rejection of 5 of the 6 proposed garden communities removes 9,000 houses from the draft Local Plans for the period to 2033, and an enormous 52,500 houses from the planned communities over the next 30-40 years. Local politicians had hoped that approval to the garden communities would settle the principal location of major development for decades to come. Instead we return to the...

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Permitted Development Rights

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On the 12th March the housing minister announced further changes to the Permitted Development Rights (PDR) that affect farmers.   Under the current Part Q regulations the conversion of agricultural buildings to residential is limited to a maximum of 3 units and a cumulative total of 465sqm. From 6 April 2018 this will be relaxed to allow up to 5 units to be built. There can be no more than 3 larger homes, as under the old rules, with any additional properties being no larger than 100 sqm.   Permitted Development Rights for new agricultural buildings are currently limited to 465sqm...

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Business Resilience and Succession Planning Seminar Case study

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Jim and Jane (both in their mid 70’s) live at Home Farm, on the edge of the village, where they have just celebrated their 50th harvest. They have 3 children in their 40’s, Keith, Katherine and Karl.  Keith and Katherine each have 2 children, Lance (10 yo) and Lauren (8 yo), and Mark (19 yo) and Mary (17 yo) respectively. Home Farm includes 500 acres, of which 450 acres are in arable cropping and the remainder is woodland and rough that supports a small family shoot. The land is farmed in hand by Jim and Jane in partnership and they have one employee, Neil. Neil is 64 years old and looking...

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Development prospects

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Whatever you might think of immigration it is clear that housing demand is growing and this part of East Anglia feels the pressure more than most. Edge Analytics produced a report in May 2015 that suggested Essex needs to build 190,000 new houses between 2012 and 2037. These figures, together with other evidence, are being processed by the various District Councils for incorporation into the emerging Local Plans. Many local authorities are rushing to get an adopted Local Plan in place following the Government’s announcement in October 2015 that ‘if councils fail to produce and bring into...

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Landscape Issue 5 Out Now

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Our newsletter is out now.  Find the link on our Home Page and we hope you enjoy Issue 5.

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Congratulations Belinda and Bill

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Our Partner Belinda Young has recently celebrated  her marriage.  I’m sure you will all join us in wishing Belinda and Bill a very joyful and happy future together. Congratulations Belinda and Bill.

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